Will my consultation be recorded?

Yes. The audio element will be recorded.


Why do we record your consultation? 

We record the audio of your consultations to monitor the quality of the services we provide.

If you provide your explicit consent only, we will use the recordings to improve our services. Your information is de-identified, and you can change your consent at any time in the privacy settings of your account.

Find out more about how your information is processed in our Privacy Policy.


Changing your consent

Changing your consent in the Babylon App

  • In the top right of the home screen, tap the Me icon (thul-F40178F8-2F87-40A1-B22EAB730AB3301B.jpg)
  • Go to Privacy preferences
  • Toggle to button on or off

Changing your consent on the Babylon web portal

  • Go to your Account
  • Click Privacy
  • Toggle the buttons on or off
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