Checking-in to your appointment

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About check-ins

We’ve introduced ‘check-ins’ for some appointments. Check-ins let the clinician know that you’re ready for your appointment. This means you have:

  • A good internet connection (wifi or 4G)
  • Somewhere you’re comfortable talking about your health


How check-ins work

You’ll get a notification asking you to check in 10 minutes before the scheduled appointment time. 

To check in, you’ll need to: 

  • Tap on the message or the appointment details 
  • Enter your date of birth and location
  • Confirm you’re ready 

It’s important we know where you are so we can provide you with a safe service and get you any urgent help where necessary. Read more on where you can use the service.

If it’s an appointment for your child, you will need to enter your date of birth, not your child’s date of birth.

Your clinician will call after you check in. It might take a few minutes for your clinician to call.  


Remember to turn notifications on to get the check-in reminders:

  • Go to your phone settings
  • Choose Notifications
  • Select Babylon
  • Turn notifications on


Problems checking-in

Make sure your date of birth is correct in the app. 

  • Open Babylon
  • Tap the Me icon (thul-F40178F8-2F87-40A1-B22EAB730AB3301B.jpg) on the Home screen
  • Select Account details

If your date of birth is wrong, you will need to contact our support team, who will update your details, before you can proceed with your appointment.

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