How Babylon referrals work

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About Babylon referrals

Babylon clinicians can provide private specialist, diagnostic, and pathology referrals. You can take your referral to any private healthcare provider for further examination and treatment.

If you have private health insurance, speak to your insurer before you book your external appointment.


Getting your referral letter

After your appointment, we'll email you a link to your referral letter. You'll usually receive this within an hour, but it can take longer.

In the email, tap or click on View referral and you’ll be taken to the login screen of the Babylon app or Babylon web portal depending on what device you are using.


Using the Babylon App

  1. Go to the Care tab
  2. Find your appointment, then tap Referral
  3. Tap on the referral letter you want to open
  4. Click Download Referral Letter

Downloads on android devices

If you're using an android device, your referral letter will usually be automatically stored on your device's pre-installed File Manager app. For example, on Google pixel, the pre-installed app is called 'Files'. On Samsung, it's called 'My Files'. 

If you've installed another File Manager app, your download may be stored there.


Using the Babylon web portal

  1. Login to the Babylon web portal
  2. Click on your initials (top right of the screen)
  3. Select Account, then Appointments
  4. Click on the appointment with your referral
  5. Select Your referral, then View


After your referral appointment

The private healthcare provider you choose will send you the results of your exam or test. 

We ask that private healthcare providers send test results back to your NHS GP.  Your private healthcare provider should contact you directly to discuss your results and arrange any necessary follow up. You can also discuss any results/concerns with your NHS GP. 

You can still make an appointment with a Babylon clinician but we may not have all the results or clinical information required to make a thorough assessment.


Problems with your referral

If you have any problems with your referral, please contact our support team.

We are currently working hard in order to fix any issues patients might be facing in accessing their referral in the app. If you are facing any issues, please try logging into and downloading your referral letter on the Babylon web portal. If you’re still unable to access your referral letter, please contact our support team.

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