How do I cancel my subscription?

Simply click on the 'Me' section at the bottom of your Babylon home screen > Membership > Downgrade membership > Babylon then asks whether you are you sure you want to downgrade your membership. Tap ‘Downgrade’ to cancel. The app then asks why you have decided to downgrade (this information is really important for us to make sure we are offering the best possible service) then press ‘Apply’. You will be switched to Pay-As-You-Go and will not be charged further annual fees.

You can continue to use all the other free Babylon features and pay for GP consultations as and when you need them.

The initial subscription period for new Babylon users is 12 months, you cannot cancel within this time. If you cancel your subscription halfway through the year you will no longer have access to the service and won't be refunded for any unused period.

If you cancel within 14 days of registering for the services, we'll fully refund you. This is unless you have used the app for appointments during this time. If you have, we'll reduce the amount of your refund (or take further payment from you) to recover the cost of any appointments.



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