How to add a promotional code

Your employer, insurer or GP may have sent you a code to access your Babylon membership. A promotional code can be added when signing up or after you have created an account.

When signing up, add your code on the ‘membership options’ page.

If you've already created an account, you can add your code in the Babylon app or on the web.


Add your code using the app 

  1. Go to Me
  2. Tap Subscription, then Edit
  3. Choose the subscription to add your code to
  4. Tap Add a code
  5. Enter the code and tap Add


Add your code using the web

  1. Login into your account
  2. Go to Account > Membership 
  3. Enter the code and click Add


If you enter your promotional code during a month of a paid subscription you will not be refunded.

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